Personal Leasing

New cars are expensive. They are becoming so costly that some people believe, in the not-so-distant future, no one will be able to purchase a car. A monthly lease payment will become a necessary expense like a mortgage or utility payment. Unless you’re lucky enough to be able to pay cash for a new vehicle, you’ll probably need to finance most, if not all of your purchase.
Leasing is an excellent alternative to the high monthly payments often associated with buying a new vehicle. When you lease, you are paying for the difference between the current price of the new vehicle and the estimated value of that vehicle when the lease expires (usually after 36 to 48 months). Of course, there are other factors to consider here such as the type of vehicle you want to lease and mileage limitations.

Choose A Local Company

Because we are an independent, locally-owned leasing company, we do not mark up the purchase price of any vehicle up front. To you that means lower monthly payments! You deal with one Kars Leasing representative and we do all of the leg work for you. We’ll negotiate prices, and work with you to develop a lease program that fits your lifestyle.
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