About Us

We opened for business in January, 1979 and acquired our first customer two months later. After four decades, we're still doing business with each other. We're often asked what differentiates Kars Leasing from a car dealership's lease department. The answer - in its simplest form - is partnership. A partner is someone with whom you have an agreement based on mutual responsibility and cooperation in order to achieve a specific goal.

If you've decided that leasing is right for you, then our responsibility is to understand your needs and create a program suited to those needs. We will cooperate with you to determine what kind of vehicle(s) you want, assess your mileage requirements, and discuss payment options. Throughout this process the goal is to develop a partnership that keeps you coming back to Kars Leasing for all of your leasing needs.

So, how does a partnership with Kars Leasing benefit you?

  • You are not obligated to lease any specific make or model because we are an independent leasing company.
  • We do the negotiating. We know who to call and what to say. You don't need to run all over town to find the best deal.
  • Frankly, repeat business is our business. So, we will find you the best vehicle, at the best price.
Buy a home and, more often than not, its value grows over time. Buy a car and it begins losing its value the second you drive it off the lot. Why buy? Lease!