Business Leasing

Businesses, large and small, find considerable advantages to leasing their vehicles. Someone once said, "First impressions are the most lasting." For businesses whose success depends on good first impressions, leasing is an excellent option. Just as it is with personal leases, the potential for lower monthly payments allows you to lease new, higher-end vehicles for your employees.

How We Can Help

Tax savings and reduced expenses are also huge advantages for businesses. Although tax laws change frequently, in many states sales taxes are applied only to the monthly lease payment rather than the total cost of the vehicle(s). In the end, it means by leasing your vehicles, your company's tax requirement will be minimized. Moreover, you may be able to expense your lease payments.

Lower payments and fewer taxes all add up to more cash reserves (and more time) dedicated to your core business. Leave the leasing leg work to Kars Leasing. You deal with one representative. We find your vehicles, negotiate prices, and design a program suited to your business needs.

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